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Starting a New Student Organization

Registration Step-by-Step Process

The process for registering a student organization at NC State follows these steps:

  1. Student organizations submit a completed student organization registration form.
  2. Department reviews student organization registration form including constitution, roster, trademark and licensing compliance.
  3. Department confirms that the organization has at least six members.
  4. Department approves your student organization as registered upon successful completion of the registration process.
  5. Student organization presidents, co-presidents, and treasurers complete the online financial training in Reporter.
  6. All NC State employee advisors of student organizations complete advisor registration form and three online trainings: Clery Act, Title IX, and the online financial training in Reporter.
  7. Department confirms that an organization’s president or co-presidents and treasurer have successfully completed online financial training.
  8. Department confirms that all NC State employee advisors of the organization have successfully completed Clery Act, Title IX, and online financial training.
  9. Department confirms that all positional leaders and/or officers of the organization must be enrolled at NC State and meet the minimum GPA requirement of 2.0.
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Starting a New Student Organization

Student Leadership and Engagement welcomes new student organizations to the Wolfpack! Students interested in starting up a new organization must review the latest Registration Guide which includes all pertinent information about the registration process for organizations and advisors seeking active status for the upcoming academic year. All instructions covered in this guide must be followed in order for an organization to qualify for active registration.

Information for 2021-2022 will be available soon. Please contact Darrius Barrow via email for questions at

Registering a New Organization

Registering Your Organization

Re-Registering an Existing Organization

Organization Training and Advising

Student Organization Advising

This section will soon be updated outlining these resources.

Organization funding

Student Organization Funding

Student Organizations primarily receive funding from either Student Government Appropriations or the Senate Finance Committee Allocations. Combined, these two bodies give out more than $200,000 a year in student fee money to student organizations on campus. Click here for more information on funding for student organizations.

Student organization finance

Finance and Banking Resources

Student organizations have access to a variety of resources to manage finance and banking for their programs, activities, and events. This section will soon be updated outlining these resources.

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Student Organization Promotion, Sharing, and Advertising

Student Organizations on campus have a number of avenues for sharing their events, activities, and programs broadly. Check out the following resources for sharing your information:

  • NC State University Calendar – NC State offers access to share events and activities with the campus community through a centralized calendar system. Click here to learn more about how to access and share your content widely.
  • Sharing on Get Involved – Get Involved offers event publishing options to create and share content directly and through external channels such as social media and newsletters. Click here to learn more about how to submit an event through the Get Involved portal.
  • Submit a HOWL – NC State Student Government offers to promulgate information through The HOWL, a large-scale message sent to the student body via the office of the Student Body President. Click here to learn more.
  • Other Campus Media – Various campus units operate newsletters and social media channels. If your event, program, or activity involves relevant campus partners, make sure to reach out and make the connection to share your information with those units directly. If you have questions about coordinating with campus departments, faculty, staff, or other campus entities, contact our office via email at for consultation.

Questions and Consultation

Associate Director Darrius Barrow is available to assist with questions and consultations related to student organization management. Contact Darrius via email at