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Student Organization Registration

Student Organizations are required to renew their registration each year to be an active student organization at North Carolina State University.

Student Organization Registration for the 2023-2024 academic year will begin on Monday November 20, 2023 and conclude on Friday January 19, 2024. Please contact Brooke Ashby at if you have any questions.

What are the Benefits of Registering?

  1. Receive funds! For example, as a registered student organization, you can request funds from Student Government Appropriations or the Finance committee each cycle.
  2. Gain access to space reservations on campus.
  3. Participate in the Involvement Fair to showcase your organization and recruit new members.
  4. Submit to the Student Org Digest to highlight upcoming events or accomplishments.

Registration Step-by-Step Process

The process for registering a student organization at NC State follows these steps:

  1. Student organizations submit a completed student organization registration form.
  2. Department reviews student organization registration form including constitution, roster, trademark and licensing compliance.
  3. Department confirms that the organization has at least six members.
  4. Department approves your student organization as registered upon successful completion of the registration process.
  5. Student organization presidents, co-presidents, and treasurers complete the online financial training in Reporter.
  6. All NC State employee advisors of student organizations complete advisor registration form and two online trainings: Clery Act and Title IX.
  7. Department confirms that an organization’s president or co-presidents and treasurer have successfully completed online financial training.
  8. Department confirms that all NC State employee advisors of the organization have successfully completed Clery Act and Title IX.
  9. Department confirms that all positional leaders and/or officers of the organization must be enrolled at NC State and meet the minimum GPA requirement of 2.0.

Starting a New Student Organization

Student Leadership and Engagement welcomes new student organizations to the Wolfpack! Students interested in starting up a new organization must review the latest Registration Guide which includes all pertinent information about the registration process for organizations and advisors seeking active status for the upcoming academic year. All instructions covered in this guide must be followed in order for an organization to qualify for active registration.

Student Organization Registration for the 2023-2024 academic year will begin on Monday November 20, 2023 and conclude on Friday January 19, 2024. As a reminder, this is only for student organizations that did not register during June to September of 2023.

Registering a New Organization

Re-Registering an Existing Organization

Questions and Consultation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click here to see frequently asked questions about student organization registration

Coordinator Brooke Ashby is available to assist with questions and consultations related to student organization management. Contact Brooke via email at