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Pack Leadership Institute

Continue Building Your Leadership Skills

The Pack Leadership Institute (PLI) provides a weekend (Fri-Sat) workshop that is designed to contunie building exceptional leaders on NC State’s campus. These weekend retreats will rotate topics to engage students in deeper learning. Students will have the opportunity to earn a certificate for the completion of each PLI they participate in.

There are also some one-time stand-alone workshops offerings that are designed to provide a quick overview of a single leadership topic. Click here to navigate to the one-time workshops page.

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What Do Students Gain From PLI: Conflict to Consensus?

  1. Students will be able to apply some of the social change model of leadership to better serve the individuals that they lead.
  2. Students will be able to practice creating consensus among a group to model conflict in student organizations and leadership roles.
  3. Students will be able to use conflict management communication strategies to bring people to a common understanding
  4. Students will be able to create goals on how they want to lead others through challenging times with the tools they learned at the PLI
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One-Time Leadership Workshops

Not quite ready to commit to the certificate program? Our office offers one-time leadership workshops for ongoing leadership development. Click here to see our upcoming workshops.

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