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One-Time Leadership Workshops

One-time commitment, stand-alone workshop offerings are designed to provide an overview of a single leadership topic. Each workshop is two hours in length. Registration is required.

These workshops are not a part of the certificate program. If you are interested in joining the 10-workshop certificate program, visit the certificate page by clicking here.

Fall 2023 One-Time Workshops

When: Thursday, October 5th from 6pm – 8pm
Where: 4261 Talley Student Union (Multicultural Student Affairs)
Workshop Description: This program will be a series of activities in which students will have conversations regarding diversity, intersectionality and self-love. Students will feel a strong sense of self as well as meet people who may have similar experiences. Students will also have an understanding of “rest as resistance”. Leaving the workshop, students will feel motivated to take agency in their own lives.

Presenter: Simone Spencer – Graduate Assistant, Duke Student Involvement and Leadership

Registration: Linked here

When: Thursday, October 19th from 4:30pm – 6:30pm
Where: 4210 Talley Student Union (Student Involvement Suite)
Workshop Description: Traditional frameworks of leadership can often center on assimilative practices that are antithetical to social justice and identity development. During this session, participants will explore alternative approaches that deconstruct heteronormative leadership models in higher education. As a collective, we will critically analyze the art of queering as a form of resistance and transformation. We will also develop intersectional strategies that perpetuate sustainable forms of social change.

Presenter: Jae Edwards – Assistant Director, LGBTQ Pride Center

Registration: Linked here

When: Monday, October 30th from 6pm – 8pm
Where: 4210 Talley Student Union (Student Involvement Suite)
Workshop Description: This workshop brings the seminal work of Stephen R. Covey to life, as participants will learn and develop an understanding of habits for working effectively, independently, and interdependently throughout leadership and life!

Presenter: Davion Washington – Graduate Assistant, Student Leadership and Engagement

Registration: Linked here

When:  Monday, November 13th from 6pm – 8pm
Where: 4210 Talley Student Union (Student Involvement Suite)
Workshop Description: This course engages students in the process to work effectively with diverse populations to develop cross-cultural competencies and identify culturally-appropriate strategies in the student organizations, workplace and life. This course introduces multicultural and international diversity concepts while having students participate in reflective and experiential activities.

Presenter: Dr. Jameco McKenzie – Director, Multicultural Student Affairs

Registration: Linked here

Spring 2024 One-Time Workshops

More information coming soon!

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