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Please note: this page is undergoing updates throughout the summer of 2021. Please come back later for more information about our employment and leadership opportunities. Thank you.

Welcome to our Employment and Leadership page. Here you will find opportunities available at various times of the year for employment and leadership positions in our office, including in leadership development, civic engagement, service, office management, and more! Use the navigation menu below to access the appropriate section of the page.

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Student Engagement Internship Program

The Student Engagement Internship Program is designed to develop leadership and career-ready skills for student interns while expanding the capacity of our office to better serve all students at NC State. Student Leadership and Engagement Interns support critical departmental services by managing the Woodward Student Involvement Center, engaging the student body through department-sponsored programs, and supporting student organization education and management. The Student Leadership and Engagement Internship program offers student employees an important role in fostering a sense of belonging and community for their peers by connecting them to valuable leadership and engagement opportunities.

Meet Our 2021-2022 Student Engagement Interns