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Student Leadership and Engagement offers a variety of ways to get connected with conferences and other professional development opportunities. Many of these opportunities are offered to our student interns, graduate students, and professional staff members. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, travel is restricted in most cases for university business. We do not currently have conferences or other external development opportunities posted.

We encourage you to contact us via email to learn more about student conferences and other professional development opportunities. Contact us at


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Leadership and Professional Development at NC State

Our office also conducts programs geared towards leadership, civic and community engagement, service, and employment. Visit our home page or navigate directly to the following pages to learn more about how you can grow as a leader and enhance your collegiate career:

Career Development Center

One of NC State’s best resources is the Career Development Center. The Career Development Center prepares and empowers students to identify and pursue their career goals.

This resources on campus can help you:

Click here to learn more about the Career Development Center.