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Non-university external parties must make marketing requests directly via email to Michele Kurtz at Our office does not guarantee requests will be fulfilled, and information sharing is at the discretion of our team. Please click this link to get started, and do not change the pre-populated information.


Recent News

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Process Agreement Anchor

Project Process Agreement

The following points outline our commitments to our colleagues and our expectations for appropriate requests. Please note: the following services except newsletter submissions and social media requests are reserved for internal office programs and services only.

  • Project Requests: Project requests outside content sharing should operate under the following timeline:
    • Graphic Design Creation | 10-15 Business Days: Make a request a minimum of 10 business days (two calendar weeks) prior to the needed in-hand date. Please note: multi-part or more complex artworks may require more time. Please submit in advance of 10 business days if you feel your project requires extra work (projects requiring multiple unique artworks, print proofs, and any projects that involve additional parties). Projects made further in advance are preferred.
    • Writing | 5-10 Business Days: Requests for writing services including mass emails, formal writing, presentation creation, website content, and writing consultation should be requested at least 5-10 business days (one to two weeks) prior to in-hand needs. Please allow additional time for large or multi-part projects.
    • Photography and Headshots | 5 Business Days: Our team can accommodate basic photography and headshots for internal office programs and special events by request. Make a request a minimum of 5 business days (one week) prior to the date of the event or program. Please make requests as soon as possible for known events far in advance.
    • Newsletter Submissions | 1 Business Day: Our newsletters go out weekly during the academic year and biweekly during the summer on Mondays at 5 p.m. We utilize the service Constant Contact to publish these newsletters. Please ensure your submissions are received one business day prior (Friday before). Submissions sent on Monday of the newsletter are not guaranteed to be published.
    • General Marketing Consultation | To be determined: Make a request and our team will work with you to determine your needs. For questions, always feel free to reach out to Colin Beamer directly via email at
    • Videography and Motion Graphics | Limited Acceptance: Our team can provide limited assistance with videography and motion graphics. Please complete the marketing request form and our team will respond with more information.
  • Ready to submit your request? Click here to get started.

DatesMajor Events
January 6-14, 2022Winter Welcome Week
January 17, 2022MLK Jr. Day
February 14, 2022Valentine's Day
March 7, 2022NC State Founder's Day Anniversary
March 14-20, 2022Spring Break
March 23, 2022Day of Giving
April 4-10, 2022Pan-Afrikan Week 50th Anniversary
April 25-May 6, 2022Last Week of Classes, Exams
May 9, 2022Summer Break Begins
August 22, 2022First Day of Classes
September 5, 2022Labor Day
October 10-11, 2022Fall Break
October 31, 2022Halloween
November 11, 2022Veteran's Day
November 23-25, 2022Thanksgiving Holiday
December 5, 2022Last Day of Classes
December 14, 2022Last Day of Final Exams

Tips for Marketing Requests

  • Be as specific as possible. The more clear, concise information you can provide our team initially, the faster and easier the project request will be for everyone involved.
  • Provide concise, clear content using AP style. Click here to access NC State's latest style guide to assist in content submission. Content that is submitted outside the required parameters for our department and university risks not be published. Our office reserves the right to amend submissions to the required length and formatting, however please make every effort to align your submission appropriately.
  • Ensure all assets and images are consistent with NC State University brand standards and are visually accessible. Click here to access NC State's guidelines for imagery.
  • Use engaging imagery. NC State University Communications provides access to stock imagery for official university business. Find our more on how to register to the NC State PhotoShelter here.
  • Use NC State Brand website for access to more resources and information.

Questions About Marketing?

Contact Michele Kurtz via email at